Persian Cat Price in Bangladesh

Cats are adored all around the world for their cute features and peaceful demeanor. If you’re looking for a pet, cats are definitely the greatest option! Because of their appealing appearance, Persian cats are one of the most popular breeds. These adorable and peaceful cats are sure to bring a smile to your face! In Bangladesh, Persian cats are now available at an affordable price.

Persian Cats Through the History

Persian cats date back to the 1600s, making them one of the oldest cat breeds. While their origins are unknown, they are thought to have originated in Mesopotamia, afterward known as Persia (thus the name), which is now modern-day Iran. European adventurers are claimed to have smuggled them out of Persia in the 17th century.

Currently, Persian cats are high in demand and sought for around the world because of their lovable presence.

Physical Characteristics of Persian Cats

Persian cats are medium-sized, weighing between seven and twelve pounds and standing between ten and fifteen inches tall. Their skull is rounded, their ears are short and spherical, and their eyes are large. They usually have a chubby face with a flat and pushed-in appearance. Persian cats with a “classic” or “doll-face” countenance, on the other hand, have more pointed characteristics than their forefathers.

These cats have a strong body and robust, solid legs, which helps to explain why they aren’t known for jumping. They prefer to recline with all four paws firmly planted on the ground or dangling over the side of the couch.

Their sleek, glossy coat is one of their most noticeable features. They have an undercoat and a topcoat, both of which are luscious to the touch but shed a lot. White, black, blue, cream, chocolate, and red are just a few of the patterns and hues available for these long-haired cats. These cats can also have a wide range of eye colors, including various tints of blue, green, and copper.

Different Types of Persian Cats

Persian Cat Price in Bangladesh

Persian cats have been bred to exhibit a wide range of colors and patterns due to their popularity. Seven divisions have been established for this diverse breed.

Tabby Persians

Tabby patterns are prevalent in a variety of cat breeds, but they stand out even more on the long-haired Persian. Tabby Persians come in a variety of designs, including classic, patched, and mackerel, all with immediately recognized markings. Red, blue, silver, cream, and cameo are among the colors available.

The Himalayan Persian

The Himalayan Persian is a popular variety that was developed by crossing traditional Persians with the well-known Siamese. The result is a cream or fawn-colored cat with a delicate face and point markings in a wide range of colors, including chocolate, lilac, blue, red, seal, and a plethora of other lovely combinations.

Smoke and Shaded Persians

Smokey and shady Persians have a thick undercoat that gradually fades into a distinctive overcoat or tip color. Cream, black, blue, red, orange, cameo, and tortoiseshell are among the patterns available. Breeders take great effort to develop unusual effects that can only be seen with the right lighting. This division’s Persians almost invariably have warm copper eyes.

These are the prominent breeds, the other varieties include silver and golden Persians, solid Persians, Parti-Color, and Bi-Color Persians.

Persian Cat Price in Bangladesh

Persian cat price in Bangladesh differs due to their breeds, age, and appearance.

In Bangladesh, the average cost of a Persian cat is 18,000 BDT, but it can range from 8,000 BDT to 30,000 BDT depending on the purity of the breed, your region, whether you are buying from a cat owner or a pet shop, and the season of the year you are buying.

You can buy Persian cats from the physical pet stores in Katabon or buy them online from trustworthy pages. Before getting a cat, make sure it is vaccinated and free of diseases. Persian cats are exotic and luxurious looking so they are a bit more expensive than regular cats.

Why Persian Cats are Good Pets

Persian cats are almost instantly recognizable. They’re noted for their plush coats and laid-back demeanors. They are energetic but not obnoxious, and their patience and gregarious nature make them excellent companions for families with children and other pets.

Persian Cat Price

Some Pieces of Advice on Having a Pet Persian

If you have never had a Persian cat before, handling it may seem like a struggle. Here are some quick tips on bringing up a Persian:

  • Annual inspections are required for all cats. This can assist your veterinarian in detecting health problems early on when they are easier to treat. Always seek out skilled veterinarians to care for your Persian. Persian cats demand special attention because they are not like regular cats.
  • Frequent tearing in Persian cats might result in discoloration. To prevent black or brown smudges from appearing, clean under their eyes with a cotton ball or soft cloth every day.
  • To assist your cat to gain exercise and prevent boredom, give them interesting toys. Persian cats are known for their laid-back personalities, but a little catnip or a catnip-filled toy will encourage them to start moving.
  • Brush their teeth on a regular basis and have them cleaned at your veterinarian’s office once a year. Unhealthy teeth and gums can cause serious issues, such as infections that can harm the heart.
  • Is your Persian cat causing damage to your furniture by scratching it? Make a scratching post that is both safe and robust. If your cat isn’t interested in it, try spraying it with catnip, which you can get in a liquid form online or at a pet store. Pet Zone BD is one of the most trustworthy online stores to buy catnips and other pet products from!

Cats are a blessing for humans, whether it is a Persian or regular. Make sure to know about their allergies, restrictions, and food habits before getting Persian cats. Persians need extra care as they are a delicate breed. Always ensure a healthy diet, playful activities, regular checkups for your precious Persian!

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