Cat Medicine in Bangladesh

Cat medicine is an essential part of owning a cat. If you want, you can skip buying toys for your cat, but medicine is must-have.

Do some research about cat medicines? But do not give your cat any medicine without any vet’s prescription.

There are some basic multivitamin types of medicines for your cat, enhancing your cat’s healthy growth. We’ll discuss the medication and its price.

Cat Medicine Price in Bangladesh

Catnip: Catnip is a flavoured and scented medicine that enhances the playful behaviour of cats. Catnip doesn’t have any harsh chemical which is harmful to cats and not friendly for the cats.

Catnip is made with 100% natural ingredients. So, there’s no concern if the cat eats it. It’s usable in toys also to make the playing session enjoyable. The usual price of Catnip is not more than 400bdt.

You can order BIOLINE catnip for your cat from Pet Zone. BD.

Cat grass: Cat grass is not the grass that grows in the field. It’s a particular type of grass that grows in a tub, especially for cats.

Cat grass helps to clear the far and other toxic products from the cat’s stomach. Its fresh green look attracts the cat so much. BD has BIOLINE cat grass 12gm in 450bdt. It’ll cost you 250-300bdt. Pet zone.

Cat’s multivitamin: Before purchasing a multivitamin for your cat, consult with an animal physician. Otherwise, you’ll not know about the dosage and power of multivitamins for your cat.

The price of the vitamins depends on the quantity of medicine.

Pet Zone BD has Bearing Cat Multi-Vitamin Supplement Tablet (Vitamin A, B, D, E) with Taurine for Cats and Kittens Size 28g. (50 Tablets/Pack) which costs you 550bdt.

Additional medicines cats have are eye stain remover, dental paste, cat shampoo, and salmon syrup etc. It is completely prohibited to apply the human cosmetic item to your cart. The harsh chemical will create an allergic reaction at toxicity to your cat. So, be aware of that.

Online Cat Medicine Delivery in Bangladesh

Usually, cat medicines are not available in locative pharmacy shops. It’s complicated to have cat medicine nearby.

Pet Zone BD will assure you of the availability of every cat medicine online. All you need to do is consult your vet and order the proper treatment from Pet Zone BD.

Whenever you need cat medicine, order it from us. Pet Zone BD has an emergency delivery service. If the drug is an emergency for you or your cat is fallen sick, you can get immediate delivery.

We are the most trusted online pet accessories delivery service that believes in customer’s faith and assures product quality.

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