Cat Vaccine Price in Bangladesh

Cat Vaccine Price In Bangladesh

Cats are loved all over the world for their adorable appearance and dormant nature. If you want to adopt a pet, cats are undoubtedly the best choice! However, having a pet cat comes with several responsibilities. Cats need nutritional food, extensive care, vaccines, and medicines for proper growth. At pet zone BD, you can find cat medicines at the most affordable price in Bangladesh.

What Are Cat Vaccines?

A vaccine is a biological substance that gives effective acquired immunity against a specific infectious disease. Every year, many cats are infected with a variety of dangerous Feline-specific diseases. It’s vital to have your kitten vaccinated to avoid contracting a preventable disease. It’s also critical to follow up on your kitten’s initial vaccines with regular booster shots throughout its life.

After the effects of the original vaccine wear off, booster doses “boost” your cat’s immunity against many feline diseases. Vaccine booster shots are given on specified schedules for certain immunizations. 

Types of Cat Vaccines and Medicines

Types Of Cat Vaccines And Medicines

For cats, there are two different forms of vaccinations.

All cats should receive fundamental vaccines, which are necessary for protecting them against the following common yet deadly feline diseases:

  • Rabies Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus and Panleukopenia (FVRCP)
  • Feline herpesvirus type I (FHV, FHV-1)
  • Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia (FeLV)
  • Bordetella
  • Chlamydophila felis

There are various cat medicines available on pet zone bd that will help your cat lead a healthy life


Catnip is a flavored and perfumed medication that encourages cats to be more playful. Catnip does not include any harsh chemicals that are hazardous to cats or unfriendly to cats.

Catnip is comprised entirely of natural components. So, it’s not a problem if the cat consumes it. It can also be used in toys to make playing time more fun.


The grass that sprouts in the field are not cat grass. It’s a form of grass that grows in a tub and is very beneficial to cats.

Cat grass aids in the removal of far and other harmful compounds from the stomach of cats. The cat is attracted to it because of its fresh green appearance.

Multivitamin for cats

Consult an animal veterinarian before purchasing a multivitamin for your cat. Otherwise, you won’t know how many multivitamins to give your cat or how effective they are.

Eye stain remover, dental paste, cat shampoo, and salmon syrup are among the many medications available to cats. Adding a human cosmetic item to your cart is strictly banned. Toxic to your cat, the harsh chemical will cause an allergic reaction. Always be on the lookout for that.

Cat Vaccine Price in Bangladesh

Cat vaccine prices in Bangladesh may vary due to brands and quality. You can find cat medicines at the most reasonable price on pet zone BD.

  • Catnips are priced at around 400 BDT. Bioline catnips are the ones of the highest quality.
  • Pet zone BD has BIOLINE cat grass 12gm in 500 BDT.
  • You can also find Bearing Cat Multi-Vitamin Supplement Tablet (Vitamin A, B, D, E) with Taurine for Cats and Kittens Size 28g. (50 Tablets/Pack) which costs you 600 BDT.
  • Dental hygiene sets, keep off spray, ear care can also be found here within 600 BDT

To know more about the prices and products, visit Pet Zone BD! You can find attractive discounts and high-quality products – all at the same place.

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How Often Do Cats Need to Be Vaccinated?

Your veterinarian will be able to create a vaccination program for your cat that takes into account things like:

  • Condition of health
  • The age and lifestyle of your cat
  • How likely is it that your cat will get infected with a specific disease?
  • Regulations governing licensing in the area where you live or travel

This is why re-vaccination periods varied from one cat to the next, from one home to the next, and from one sickness to the next. Your veterinarian can create a vaccination program specifically for your cat.

Always make sure to consult with your veterinarian before you decide on medicines and vaccines. A wrong medicine can cause major health hazards for your precious pet, so it is imperative to be certain!

Why Cat Vaccines Are Important?

Vaccines help protect against viruses and bacteria that cause certain infectious diseases. Vaccines have saved the lives of millions of cats, and it is critical to maintain this practice so that cats are protected for the rest of their lives. Vaccines also protect people from diseases that can be passed from cats to humans, such as rabies.

Even cats who live entirely indoors need to be vaccinated regularly since they can be exposed to diseases in a variety of ways (such as travel or boarding, interaction with other cats, the addition of a new cat to the home, and even viruses carried on your clothing).

Cat medicines ensure a healthy life for your felines. Besides assuring protection from diseases, they also keep cats energized and playful. Catnip, cat-grass, multivitamin supplements are all essentials for keeping the pets in perfect health.

Your veterinarian is the perfect person to assess your cat’s particular needs and discuss which vaccines and medicines are required and how often they should be given to provide your cat with the best protection. The vaccines your cat requires are determined by his health, age, lifestyle, and the diseases that are prevalent in your area.

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Why Pet Zone BD is the Best for Cat Vaccines and Medicines

Pet Zone BD is one of the most trusted pet food and accessories suppliers. The website helps you compare products and their prices, helping you to buy the best product within your budget. Their super-fast delivery service is available all across the country. Here, you can purchase your desired pet products at discounted prices and get them delivered right to your doorstep. Pet Zone BD offers cat food, toys, accessories, medicines, litter, etc. available in different brands.

To know more about the products and service, visit Pet Zone BD today!

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