Helminticide-L Tablet for Cat & Dog

Helminticide-L Tablet for Cat & Dog

Cats and dogs are the most often owned pets worldwide. Compared to dogs, cats are less demanding, cheaper, and more autonomous. Although they are loyal and obedient, dogs require additional attention and exercise, such as regular walks. However, worms and parasites are a problem for both species. With a little information and caution, the infestation can be stopped. Find the best deworming tablets for your pets on Pet Zone BD.

A preventative care plan that includes deworming is essential for reducing parasites (internal and external) and enhancing your pet’s health. You must also play a part in halting the spread of parasites to you and your human family. The following information should be taken into consideration if your cat or dog unwittingly hosts any unwanted house guests. This article includes all the information regarding one of the most effective deworming medications, helminticide-L tablet for cats and dogs.

How Do Dogs and Cats Get Worm Infections?

Roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms are the most frequent types of worms that need to be removed from your pet. Dogs and cats who consume contaminated food or drink risk contracting intestinal worms and parasites.

Another way to spot them is by their propensity for licking, smelling, tasting, and devouring whatever they come across. It’s a fact that animals will sniff items and eat them if they smell tasty, including trash, animal manure, and even dirt. They will attract pests because of their actions. The fact that they can spread to both people and other animals must be understood.

Dog and Cat Deworming Tablets

Pets with intestinal worms are treated with deworming medications (anthelmintics). Numerous deworming treatments are effective against several worm species, but no one medication is effective against all worm species. In general, remedies for round-shaped tapeworms (such as rounds, hooks, and whips) do not work on flat-shaped tapeworms.

A number of anti-heartworm medications also contain ingredients that are effective against intestinal worms, increasing their overall efficacy. Deworming medications come in a wide range of formats, such as tablets, capsules, granules, chewable tablets, liquids, and topicals.

The Two-piece Helminticide-L Cat Deworming Tablet for Cats and Dogs

Helminticide L Tablet

Can be administered either directly to dogs and cats or hidden in food. Before or after treatment, there is no need to starve oneself. Dogs and cats need to be treated every three months for routine control. These tablets are available in Pet Zone BD for about 130 BDT.


🐾 Efficacy against all significant gastrointestinal parasites, including roundworm, hookworm, whipworm, and tapeworm, has been demonstrated to be unparalleled.

🐾 Unique chemicals have been scientifically shown to be more efficient than every other intestinal worming remedy available.

🐾 An Australian invention, created and produced in Australia.

Be careful! Worms can be harmful to people. Maintaining your pet’s regular deworming and always disposing of their waste correctly will assist to lower the risk.

Worms can cause excessive bottom cleaning, diarrhea, scooting, vomiting, and pot-belly, among other symptoms. The signs of worm infection can differ between cats and dogs. Roundworms, Hookworms, Tapeworms, and Lungworms commonly infect cats. Dogs frequently contract Roundworm, Hookworm, Tapeworm, and Whipworm infections. Parasitic worms will survive once they have gained access to your pet’s digestive tract by consuming its contents or sucking blood. They pose a major health danger if untreated. It is crucial to treat your pet at least every three months because of this. Give the appropriate dosage to the dog by hand. The product may be divided into half chews with a knife as needed for dose. 

Treatment with helminticide-L for common worms in dogs and cats. a broad-spectrum dewormer used to treat roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms in pups and kittens of dogs and cats.

How Frequently Should Cats and Dogs be Dewormed?

As worms are present at birth in puppies and kittens, early deworming is advised. If they are not dewormed until they are 6 to 8 weeks old, puppies and kittens can spread worm eggs that will contaminate the soil and re-infect them.

Puppy: From the time they are two weeks old until three months old, deworm them every two weeks. Then, every month, until they are six months old.

• Deworming for kittens should be done monthly until the age of six months, then every two weeks from six weeks to three months.

• Adopted pups and kittens should get their first deworming treatment right away, then at least two more in intervals of two weeks.

• Every three months, deworm your adult cats and dogs.

Pregnant animals can be dewormed both before and after giving birth. Fewer worms can therefore be passed on to the young. Unfortunately, deworming drugs do not kill hookworms and roundworms that are still encysted (hiding) within the mother’s muscle tissues.

How to Prevent Your Cats and Dogs from Being Affected by Worms?

Combine deworming with feces cleanup to protect pets from re-infection by worm eggs that survive in the ground. Roundworms and whipworms are resilient to popular disinfectants like bleach and boric acid and can live for many years in the soil. However, heat above 100°F is what typically kills worms; hence, steam, boiling water, or burning straw will also do it. When feces are picked up as soon as possible, environmental contamination is considerably decreased. It is possible to adopt the concept of strategic deworming, which suggests deworming pets before the worms develop and lay soil-polluting eggs. To avoid contaminating the environment, it is advisable that adult pets take deworming pills every three months.

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