PEDIGREE Adult Meat, Vegetable 20 kg Dry Adult Dog Food

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Improve your dog’s health with this pet food from PEDIGREE. This pet food is enriched with nutrients that give your dog complete nourishment. You can see signs of good health in your dog in just six weeks – your dog’s coat and skin are healthier and shinier; his/her digestive system is improved; his/her bones, teeth and muscles are stronger; and his/her immune system is much better.

The PEDIGREE Assurance
With this pet food, you are sure to see signs of good health and vitality in your dog. Your dog’s skin and coat are visibly shiny and healthy, the stool quality is firm, his/her bones and muscles are strong, and he/she is a lot more cheerful. You will notice that your dog is active and happy throughout the day.

Health-packed Meal
Give your dog a wholesome meal that is packed with vital nutrients, such as vitamins, zinc and omega-6. This pet food is backed by research and developed by the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition – a leading scientific authority in pet nutrition and health.

Time-tested and Flavoursome Recipe
Your dog is sure to love the crunchy kibble and custom recipe. You can see your dog rush to you when you whistle out to him/her during his/her meal times. Produced under high factory standards and subjected to stringent quality checks, this PEDIGREE pet food is proven to be safe for your dog.

Complete Nourishment
Your growing dog needs the energy and nourishment to live his/her life to the fullest. Just two bowls a day will give your dog the nourishment he/she needs. This pet food is known to improve your dog’s immune system as it contains high levels of the antioxidant vitamin E.

High-quality Ingredients
With the right mix of cereals, meat, chicken, carrots, soybeans and peas, this pet food ensures that your dog gets all the nutrition he/she needs for healthy and natural growth.

Softer and Shinier Skin and Coat
This PEDIGREE pet food comprises special vegetable oils that give your dog healthy skin and coat. With a special blend of linoleic acid (omega-6) and zinc, this pet food will give your dog a lustrous coat and healthy skin.

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PEDIGREE Adult Meat Vegetable 20 kg Dry Adult Dog Food

PEDIGREE Adult Meat, Vegetable 20 kg Dry Adult Dog Food

৳ 4,950.00৳ 5,000.00 (-1%)