• ৳ 250.00৳ 350.00

    Fish Teaser

    ৳ 250.00৳ 350.00 Buy Now
  • ৳ 250.00৳ 350.00

    Feather Teaser

    ৳ 250.00৳ 350.00 Buy Now
  • ৳ 150.00৳ 250.00

    Mouse Ball Cat Toy

    ৳ 150.00৳ 250.00 Buy Now
  • ৳ 150.00৳ 200.00

    Cat Toy

    ৳ 150.00৳ 200.00 Buy Now
  • ৳ 199.00৳ 250.00

    Grooming Glove Brush

    ৳ 199.00৳ 250.00 Buy Now
  • ৳ 250.00৳ 350.00

    Cat Toy Teaser

    ৳ 250.00৳ 350.00 Buy Now
  • ৳ 170.00৳ 250.00

    Radium Cat Collar

    ৳ 170.00৳ 250.00 Buy Now
  • ৳ 150.00৳ 250.00
  • ৳ 270.00৳ 450.00

    Cat Nail Cutter (Medium)

    ৳ 270.00৳ 450.00 Buy Now
  • ৳ 120.00৳ 190.00

    Cat Litter Scoop

    ৳ 120.00৳ 190.00 Buy Now
  • ৳ 299.00৳ 600.00

    E – Collar

    ৳ 299.00৳ 600.00 Buy Now
  • ৳ 250.00৳ 350.00

    Cat Harness Belt

    ৳ 250.00৳ 350.00 Buy Now
  • ৳ 380.00৳ 450.00

    Cat Hair Removal Brash

    ৳ 380.00৳ 450.00 Buy Now
  • ৳ 150.00৳ 200.00

    Cat Collar

    ৳ 150.00৳ 200.00 Buy Now
  • ৳ 120.00৳ 200.00

    Cat collar

    ৳ 120.00৳ 200.00 Buy Now
  • ৳ 150.00৳ 220.00

    Cat Collar

    ৳ 150.00৳ 220.00 Buy Now

Cat Toy Price in BD

Cats love toys. And therefore, to gift your precious little fur ball, Pet Zone BD is here with cat toys in Bangladesh.

Best Cat Toys and It’s Price in Bangladesh

Let’s see some of the best cat toys, and it’s the price of Pet Zone BD.

Cat collar: The very first thing that comes is, Cat Collar. Owners love to use their cat a very colourful and beautiful collar on their cat’s neck.

Cat collars don’t wear demanding cat’s neck. It looks so lovely, and if the cat becomes missing. Owners find it easier to search their cats by their cat collar colour and design. Cat collar is not more than 250bdt.

Car harness and leash: Harness is a traction type of stuff of a cat. Generally, owners use cat harnesses to tie their cats with them whenever they go outside to avoid losing. The harness also has different colours and designs.

There is some harness which has 20 to 40cm belt. When a person goes to walk, this type of harness suits them. You’ll get every kind of cat harness in between 200 to 400bdt.

Mouse ball: Mouse ball is a cat’s favourite toy. It does not carry any realistic mouse. It’s a plastic ball with a colourful mouse. Cats enjoy playing with mouse balls. Mouse ball takes 150-200bdt.

Cat stick and spring toy: It’s a toy with a colourful mouse or bird on the top of it. You’ll find it in Pet Zone BD in 180bdt.

Cat toy teaser: It’s like a stick type of toy but spins whenever somebody plays with it. Generally, cats love to jump and catch the teasers. It’s also available in 250-300bdt.

Radium cat collar: It’s enjoyable to have a radium collar on your cat’s neck. In the dark, your cat’s eyes and collar will be visible only. The radium cat collar is a bit more expensive than the usual one. But it’s very affordable. Pet Zone BD has a radium cat collar in 400bdt.

Dog Cat Transparent Space Capsule Breathable Shoulder Bag outside Travel Portable

Carry Pet Backpack: This bag is usable for cats, dogs and rabbits. It’s an essential bag when you’re travelling with your pet. This bag was a little bit expensive. It’ll cost you around 2500bdt. But most of the cat toys are very affordable and high quality in Pet Zone BD.

Online Cat Toy Delivery in Bangladesh

Pet Zone BD has all the necessary and grooming accessories for your cats. Whatever you want, food, toys, shampoo, nail cutter, body brush; you’ll all find it here.

Just visit the website and choose the colour, the number of your cat toys and order them. We will deliver you the cat toy as early as possible.

Pet Zone BD also has a return and exchange option. If the products become damaged or unable to meet your desire, you can return them and take another one.

So, please visit our website and grab your favourite cat accessories—happy shopping without any hassle.


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