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    Jungle Junior Cat Food Chicken 15kg

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Cat food price in Bangladesh

It's been said that cats are the easiest of all. Scientists have also proved the health benefits of having a cat. Research shows that people who own cats have fewer chances of stroke and other heart diseases.

Let's come to the topic. How can we take care of this loveliest animal ever? To assure their better health, we need to be concerned about their food habits.

Best Cat Food in Bangladesh

Now, we'll discuss the best cat foods which can consume any cat or whatever their health condition is. Usually, the human grain fresh cat food is the best for all ages of cats.

Best Dry Cat Food Price in Bangladesh

The best dry cat food of Pet zone BD is Bonacibo Adult Cat food- Chicken with Anchovy and Rice. This cat food is for the cat which has a weak digestive system. It is formulated to strengthen the immune system of cats.

These are the few nutrients that make this one the best of all:

  • It carries Omega-3, oils, essential minerals, and vitamins to enhance the healthy metabolism and bone density of the cat with malnutrition issues.
  • This cat food is infused with dried chicken Protein (46%), Baldo Rice (14%), Corn, etc., which are the primary source of nutrition.
  • It is enriched with Nucleotide Yeast Protein, Minerals, Prebiotic Mannan Oligo Saccharides, Seaweed extracts, Chandelier Tree Extract, Cranberry Powder and Psyllium, which help to balance the ratio of protein and fat in a cat's body. It maintains ideal body function, reasonable metabolism rate and healthy growth.
  • Besides, the optimum mineral balance supports the bone development of cats.
  • It has balanced vitamins and minerals to provide constant energy.
  • Bonacibo contains natural prebiotic fibres that help develop good bacteria in the intestines and reduce harmful pathogens.

Best Wet Cat Food Price in Bangladesh

Cats are generally fond of cane food or the food which comes in wet or jelly form. Sometimes cats don't want to eat anything. Then, the only solution is to give them wet cat food.

Among all these cat foods in the market, the best one is 'Meow Meow Can Tuna Topping Chicken in Jelly'.

  • Cats over six years old can consume it.
  • It is made with well-selected refined tuna, which is fresh and gives a good taste and aroma.
  • It balances the nutrition level.
  • The fish oil extracts help to nourish the brain and works as an immune booster.
  • Tuna has vitamin E, which moisturizes the cat's body hair and nails. The taurine supports the cat's eyesight.
  • This cat food is completely preservatives free. The preservative is an awful component. We should avoid them for the sake of our kitten's good health.

Best Kitten Food Price in Bangladesh

Your kitty needs dome special care to become healthy for a long time. Kittens should get introduced to particular kinds of foods like a human baby for at least three weeks. After 8 to 10 weeks, they can get regular kitten food.

To prevent finicky behaviour, kittens should get multiple foods with different shapes and structures.

Dry foods may be convenient for the kittens. It's better to give than canned jelly food for better digestion.

The best kitten food is 'CoCo Kat Milk Replacer for Kittens'.

It's been prepare with milk and water 1:5 ratio. Mix them with this ratio and let it be cool.

The amount may vary according to the needs of the kittens.

Cat Food Price in Bangladesh

Now let's discuss the costs of the cat foods.

Price of Dry Cat Foods in Bangladesh

  • The cat foods which are sterilized and have chicken rice extract are on the expensive side.
  • Such as the Bonacibo Adult Cat food, Chicken with Anchovy and Rice; and Drools adult cat food real chicken will cost you around 800 to 900bdt. They contain 2 to 3kg cat foods. According to the quantity the price is worthy. You can use it minimum for 1 to 2 months. Using depends on how many cats you have.
  • On the other hand, the dry cat foods which have salmon fish extracts such as; 'Drools tuna and salmon adult cat food' and 'Lara cat food with salmon fish' will take 400 to 900bdt. Each packet has 1.2 to 2kg cat foods.

If you want to purchase a value pack like 5kg or 7kg, you must spend over 2000bdt.

Prices of Wet Cat Foods in Bangladesh

  • Wet cat foods are less expensive than dry cat foods. Such as; 400 grams of canned cat food will cost you around 200 bdt only. Fish flavours or chicken flavours, all the prices are pretty identical.

You'll also get 'Meow Meow Cat Can Food Sardines in Jelly 400g in around 200bdt.

So, the prices are not much variable.

Kitten Food Prices in Bangladesh

As kitten foods are specialized with refined grained ingredients, it costs a bit more than the adult cat foods.

CoCo Kat Milk Replacer for Kittens 150gm costs 700bdt.

All the cat foods are available at the Pet Zone BD. Do visit their website and purchase the best foods for your cat.

Online Cat Food Delivery in Bangladesh

Pet Zone BD has the best online cat food delivery service in Bangladesh. They have a wide range of cat foods with different brands and quantities. So, anyone can buy cat foods according to their choice and affordability.

Customers are delighted with the benefits of Pet zone. They have the fastest home delivery service all over Bangladesh. Their packaging is very safe, and zero possibilities of licking and breaking the wet canned foods. BD.

Pet zone BD can also guide you through buying the proper food for your cat. They have a consultation team who are always present to answer customers' queries in their page's inbox and website.

Pet zone.BD is the most reliable cat food delivery company in Bangladesh.


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